Speech Pathology is a Noble and Rewarding Way to Help People

Speech and Language are vital to human interaction, socialization and communication. Often when someone has trouble with language or speech, we label them stupid, dumb or socially inept. Of course, anyone who has ever thought about this knows that such arbitrary labels are problematic, but they are very common stereotypes. When someone has a speech or language issue, they need help and therefore those who assist them are involved in a rewarding activity that has a huge multiplier effect.

How so you ask? Well, when someone can speak clearly after living for years with such troubles and adversity, they suddenly come out of their shell. The difference and the gift of speech is so obvious to those around them, it’s like the individual has been born again, given a fresh start and a new lease on life. I have several very dear friends who are speech pathologists and they are so very happy with their work and the good they do in the world. I am so proud of them for making a difference one person at a time.

If I were a younger man and had to choose a career, I think I might look into speech and language pathology, because, I know that in life helping others is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. And those who have degrees and get careers in speech pathology are well on their way to fulfilling the lives of others, as well as their own. Now, I do not wish to get to emotionally mushy over this issue, I am just saying that this has been my observation and that maybe you should look into it.

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